“We realize that building a school in the future needs to go beyond the brick-and-tile architectural design and implement the interdisciplinary concept of sustainable development in each project. ”


“In ISA Science City, every classroom, every corridor, every activity space is tailor-made for children.”

“在爱莎科学城, 每一间教室,每一条走廊,每一个活动空间,都是为孩子们量身定制的。”

“ISA Science City attaches great importance to healthy and safe campus environment, adopting the U.S. Green building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification programme and China Assessment standard for green building.”


Stanley Wong - Head of Operations, ISA Science City International School

黄玉兴 - 广州科学城爱莎外籍人员子女学校 运营总监

Stanley served as the Head of General Administration of UWCSEA, the world's largest K-12 private international school, managing more than 5500 students and 1000 faculty members on two campuses. He was also the Director of Operations at Beijing Harrow International School.

Stanley 曾任UWCSEA(东南亚联合世界学院)的总务长,管理两个校区超过 1000名教职工及5500名学生。UWCSE是世界上最大且新加坡排名第一的K-12私立国际学校。此外,他曾任北京哈罗国际学校运营总监。

Building an Excellent School


We set off to build a new campus by engaging one of the most renown architects in the region, CPG Corporation. Known for their work with Singapore’s Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay and many other splendid designs, CPG was chosen not just for their ability to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of various complex infrastructure construction and architecture, but also because promoting sustainable development and innovation is the core of CPG Group ’s design philosophy.


ISA Science City is designed for the future of education: multiple spaces that can be quickly and easily remodeled to suit changing needs, the use of horticulture to bring our students closer to nature and sustainability for the development of students’ wellbeing and their sense of responsibility for the environment, leveraging on modern technology to help us manage lighting, sound and air quality throughout the school, infrastructure that allows expansion of 5G data and wireless connectivity and many more exciting features which brings great convenience and full support to the daily study and life of teachers and students.


Learning is not a “one-size-fits-all” thing. The same goes for the furniture that supports it. We’ve seen how the right tools can help spark inspiration for teachers and students.Because of this, we’ve never strayed from our focus. The furniture are designed for young minds. The flexibility, functionality, comfort, and design of the furniture are all the things that ISA Science City attaches great importance to, because in the end, the furniture serves only one purpose - to enable every student to develop his talent. Furniture suppliers such as Smith System from the US, provides innovative furniture solutions for K-12 education settings. With a century of experience, they’ve learned what makes pre-K-12 education different from any other environment and have made ISA Science City to cater to those unique qualities.

学习是一件灵活的事情。为学习提供支持的家具亦是如此。我们已经了解到,合适的工具可以帮助激发教师和学生的灵感。正因为如此,爱莎科学城使用的家具专为儿童和青少年的学习生活而设计。家具的灵活性、功能性、舒适性、设计风格都是爱莎科学城所关注的,因为说到底,它只支持一项事业——使每个学生的天赋得以发挥。家具提供商例如像美国Smith System这样的全球知名品牌——专注于K-12学校家具的设计制造,并为K-12教育环境提供创新的解决方案。一个世纪的经验使他们不仅能够满足爱莎科学城需要的独特品质,并且一直处于全行业的领军地位。

We Care, for Life


In addition to learning and living experiences, providing a healthy and safe campus environment is also a key focus of ISA Science City. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) culture has begun from the very beginning of the development of ISA Science City’s campus. A sturdy foundation is created by setting goals, measuring our current safety protocols, and developing an improvement plan over time. This strategy is clearly communicated throughout all levels of the organisation.


ISA science city attaches great importance to healthy and safe campus environment, adopting the U.S. Green building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification programme and China Assessment standard for green building. ISA Science CIty is committed to ensuring compliance by engaging the leading consultants in health and safety, China Academy of Building Research. With the joint efforts of experts, partners and team members, ISA science city meets international standards in terms of design, material selection, installation and testing.


When materials arrive on our construction site, the team performs detailed checks on material compliance with our requirements. Details include specifications, model numbers, original factory marks, signs of tampering or evidence of incorrect materials. Samples of key materials are sent for lab testing to ensure the integrity of safety standards compliance. After installation is complete, a team of CABR consultants will conduct an indoor air quality audit check to ensure that the air quality is within the requirements of LEED standards. When the interior fit-out of all buildings is completed in May 2020, experts from LEED will conduct a final inspection and test for compliance with all nine key areas and certification is issued to ISA Science City.


Indoor Environmental Quality - Air, Sound, Light, Thermal

室内环境质量 - 空气,声音,光,热

Energy and Atmosphere - Designing for the conservation, recycling and use of renewal energy

能源与大气 - 为保护,回收和利用可再生能源而设计

Optimising Natural Elements - Using highest amount of clean, fresh air and light

充分利用自然元素 - 使用最大量干净而新鲜的空气和光线

Construction Materials Audit - Specifying and testing of all materials to strict standards

建筑材料审核 - 按照严格的标准指定和测试所有材料

Managing Air Quality - Methods to control formaldehyde, TVOCs, particulate matters, etc.

管理空气质量 - 控制甲醛,TVOC,颗粒物等的方法

Healthy and Safe Lighting - Using technology to provide optimised lighting automatically

健康安全的照明 - 使用技术自动提供优化的照明

Water Efficiency - Addresses water conservation holistically

节水 - 全面解决节水问题

Innovation - Using building automation system with sustainable building practices

创新 - 将建筑自动化系统与可持续建筑实践结合使用

Environment Pollution Control - Best practices during construction stages

环境污染控制 - 施工阶段的最佳实践

Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence encompasses not simply processes throughout ISA Science City, but also brings within it several other ingredients, notably culture and how the organisation is viewed from a value creation perspective. At the heart of operations in ISASC, we invest heavily into key areas to derive continual success.


ISA Science City is not just a great school, but an excellent school which will be in step with the future of education. World-class educators and best partners have teamed up here with well-trained staff members focused on operational excellence and health and safety. Join us as we take a next-generation school and set sail into future.